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1987-1993 Saleen Wheels

From 1987 to 1993, there were at least eight separate wheel styles offered by Saleen. In addition, there were several variations during 1992-93, as Saleen production was very limited and they apparently did a lot of "scrambling" to find consistent wheel supply. In addition, there were several other wheels offered thru the Saleen parts catalog.

Fitment for 87-93 cars is very tricky, due to the brake system used. Non-Saleen front wheels tend to interfere with the center cap, while the Saleen rear was very wide and used high offset rear wheels.

American Racing Mesh

These were used starting in 1987, and continued into 1989, when the 5-spoke was phased in. The 87-89 mesh wheels were manufactured by American Racing and appear nearly identical to the 86-86 Enkei wheel, except for the number of lugs. Wheel size was 16x7 front (4 3/4" backspace / 20mm offset) and 16x8 rear (5 1/4" back space / 20mm offset). There were a variety of colors used - white, gray, gold, etc The mesh wheel was also available in standard Mustang fitments, which had a more deep-dish appearance.



American Racing 5-spoke

The 5-spoke was phased-in in 1989, and used thru 1991. Ronal made a similar wheel, but it was not used by Saleen. The fronts are 16x7 with 4-3/8" backspace (10mm offset), while the rears have 5-3/4" backspacing (32mm offset). There were a variety of colors used - white, gray, gold, etc. The 5-spoke was also available in standard Mustang fitments, which had a more deep-dish appearance.




The DP-5 wheel was used on the 1989 Saleen SSC & 1990-1991 Saleen SC mustangs. Size was 16x8 front & rear. The front wheel was a 20mm offset, while the rear offset was 36mm. These wheels were prone to cracking.


American Racing DP-style

The DP-5 was also offered in an aftermarket 4 or 5-lug version, manufactured for Saleen by American Racing, sometimes called the AR-5 wheel. It was available on the Saleen "GTSport" model, and was offered thru the Saleen parts catalog as well. All 4 wheels were 16x7 with standard Mustang backspacing.


Stern 3-piece

The 17" Stern three piece wheel is very rare, mostly used on a few 93 cars, including the SA-10 anniversary edition and the 93 SC cars. The front wheels were 17x8 with a 24mm offset, while the rear wheels were 17x9 with a 39mm offset. They have STERN imprinted on one spoke on each wheelSTERNS are a true 3 piece, as the front ring and rear hoop do separate and are held together by the bolts that hold the center section on. There is a rubber seal that goes between the hoop and the ring that keeps it from leaking air.

These are highly sought after. When purchasing, watch the offsets, bolt pattern and hub center bore size closely, as these wheels were also used on non-Saleen cars. Stern wheels are made in Japan by the high-quality division of Hinodex. No 4-lug 17" Stern wheels were imported by Saleen.


Note that the first wheel (red car) has the flat lip as used on the actual Saleen-imported Stern wheels. The yellow car has a slightly different "rolled lip". Just a minor detail, but something the experts will notice! Here's a side-by-side picture of the two lip styles (rolled on left, flat on right).

Stern 1-piece

The one-piece Stern wheels were used on some 92-93 Saleens. The front wheels were 17x8 with a 24mm offset, while the rear wheels were 17x9 with a 39mm offset. They have STERN imprinted on one spoke on each wheel


There was also a variation of the Stern 1-piece wheel used on the black 1993 Spyder that appeared in all the magazines in 1993 - 1994. There were probably only a hand-full of these wheels ever made. The size is 17x8 and 17x9. Note the lug nut area is "flat" as compared to the more common 1-piece pictured above.


The one piece Speedline wheel was introduced in 1993. They are often mistaken for the Stern wheels, as they are similar in appearance. The easiest identifier would be that the Speedlines do not have "Stern" stamped in one spoke. The fronts are 17x7.5 and the rears are 17X8.5. As you can see in the close-up pictures below, one spoke was ink-stamped "Saleen by Speedline" - a detail that is often missing when the wheels are re-finished. However, not all wheels said Saleen on the outside of the wheels (under the clear coat). Speedline wheels are stamped Italy on the rear on the rear of one spoke. 

Speedlines are more common than the Sterns detailed above. In comparison, there were only a couple of dozen Stern 3 piece sets imported and double that for the one piece Sterns. They imported many more of the Speedlines in both 5-lug for cars and 4-lug for catalog sales. 

The Speedline wheel has also been reproduced by Wheel Replicas recently, at a much lower cost than originals.




As mentioned, the Speedline wheel was also offered in an aftermarket 4-lug version by Saleen. They were only available through the catalog when Saleen was in Long Beach. The 4-lug version was made in standard Mustang offset, and all 4 rims were 17 x 7.5".  They look identical to the 5-lug version found on the 1993 Saleen, except for the lug configuration. There is no way to verify the actual number of 4 lug versions sold but production has been estimated at around 500 sets. These pop-up on Ebay from time-to-time, probably MORE often than the 5-lug version! The Saleen logo appears on the front of one spoke, and they are stamped "Made in Italy" on the back.




Logic Wheels

The Logic wheels were used on some 93 Saleens. Very similar in appearance to one-piece Sterns or Speedlines. VERY rare - not much information is available about them! 



HRE 3-piece Wheels

The 3 piece HRE wheel was sold only in the Saleen Catalog. The wheel was an HRE model 525, which looks similar to the HRE 345 rim, but NOT identical (note lugnut area of 345 wheel in last picture). Sizes are believed to be 17x8 and 17x9.5.


Race Wheels by Speedline

These wheels were used by Saleen on the racecars. In addition, the same wheel was used on Tim Allen's "Casper" R-R-R super-Saleen with an Indycar-style cover disc.