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1994-1998 Saleen Wheels

From 1994 to 1998, there were basically only 2 wheels used. However, there are multiple variations of each wheel! Combined with the various sizes and finishes offered, this makes finding the "correct" and/or matching wheels for your 94-98 car to be the most difficult of all the Saleen "generations"! 

The 2 wheels used were the "Lemans" and "Magnesium" wheel. Initially, both wheels were manufactured by Speedline in Italy. Later, Saleen had both wheels manufactured specifically for them by several different U.S. and foreign wheel makers. We may never know ALL of the different manufacturers or minor variation changes, however, following is what we have been able to document thru your pictures. 

Also, keep in mind that in addition to what IS documented, there may also be some other minor variations, as well as the possibility of other imported/aftermarket wheels that are close. Saleen is a small-volume manufacturer, and had to use whatever was available at times, without concerns about a wheel having the exact same logo, center cap, or lugnuts as the next car built.

Lemans Wheels

There were at least 3 known variations of the Lemans wheel available from Saleen: Italian Speedline Lemans, USA Lemans, plus a "Made in China" variation. The Lemans wheel was available both painted and chrome-plated. All Lemans front wheels are 18" x 8.5", with a 30mm offset. There were two different size Lemans rear wheels offered - a "standard" 18" x 8.5" rear, with a 10mm offset, and the optional 18" x 10" rear with a 25mm offset. 

The Italian Speedline Lemans

The original Speedline Alloy wheels were manufactured by Speedline in Italy. The front of the wheel was originally stamped with Speedline and Saleen in small script on the outer face, however they are very easily rubbed/sanded off. If your wheels have been refinished, chances are it was removed in that process. If your wheels have the Speedline stamping, they are most likely Italian Speedline Lemans wheels. 

One spoke is stamped "Italy" on the back along with the mold number (DOT-A or DOT-E) and the wheel size. A second spoke is stamped with the "114.3" bolt circle. A third spoke has the year manufactured matrix. A fourth spoke is stamped with the offset of the wheel, and the 5th spoke has the Saleen logo. 

In person, the spokes of the wheel extend all the way to the lip, giving the appearance of a larger wheel. The spokes on the other versions visually blend with the lip sooner, and look shorter. The Italian wheel has a very "flat" appearance, whereas the others appear more "dished".








The Saleen (USA) Lemans

Saleen made there own version(s) of the Lemans wheels. The USA castings were done through Saleen, but do not have ANY Saleen or Speedline logos on the front. They were manufactured by several different wheel companies (including MHT) on a contract basis for Saleen.

They are molded "Made in USA" on the back of one spoke. "SALEEN" is molded on the back of another spoke along with the size. The mold number "DOT-T (Mold 1)" appears on another spoke. The offset was engraved on a fourth spoke. These wheels tended to have casting flaws which lead to cracking and leaks. The U.S. wheel has a more "dished" appearance than the Italian version.





The Chinese Lemans

For over-counter parts replacement, Saleen had a wheel company out of China make another version of the Le Mans wheels. These DO say SALEEN on the outer lip (next to the valvestem), and the back of one spoke. They DO NOT say "Speedline" anywhere on the rim. The year manufactured "98/99/00" is on the inside of another spoke. Another inside spoke has the offset. The "face" of the wheel appears identical to earlier versions, however the re-make has more "dish" to the face of the wheel - difficult to picture.





Magnesium Wheels

The 94-98 Magnesium wheels were initially made by the Italian manufacturer Speedline. Speedline's model number for the wheel is 1908. Most of the Magnesium wheels are of one variety - however there are a couple of differences that have been found. Saleen also produced an alloy replica of the Magnesium wheel that we have just recently been able to obtain photographic documentation of!!!

The Magnesium front wheels have a slightly different offset than the Lemans wheel. All Magnesium front wheels are 18" x 8.5", with a 35mm offset. There were two different size Magnesium rear wheels offered - a "standard" 18" x 8.5" rear, with a 10mm offset, and the optional 18" x 10" rear with a 25mm offset. 

Speedline Magnesium

The true Speedline Magnesium wheels that have the words  on the outer lips between the spokes. They DON'T have any Saleen markings on them what-so-ever. The Speedline Magnesium wheel was only available painted (wet paint + clearcoat). Magnesium wheels are very difficult to powder-coat correctly, so be careful if you have a set that need refinished. The Magnesium wheel has aluminum barrel inserts that the lugs seat on. Cracking of those seats is a common problem with these wheels.







Saleen "Magnesium-Style"

Saleen also produced their own version of the Magnesium wheel. Note that this wheel has "SALEEN" cast into the lip next to the valvestem, and was produced in alloy instead of Magnesium. It does not say "Speedline" or "Magnesium" anywhere on the wheel. This wheel was available in a plated version. We have just recently received some GREAT detailed pictures of these rare wheels!






Plain "Magnesium-Style"

The same wheel is also found without "Speedline" "Magnesium" "18" OR "Saleen" cast into the lip. It is unknown whether this wheel is a later production Speedline, a Saleen reproduction, or another aftermarket version. These wheels appear identical to the Speedline Magnesium - just without any wording.

Magnesium Wheel Accessories

The Magnesium wheels have a couple unique items associated with their proper installation. There is a rubber ring that goes on the backside on the hub against the rotors. Magnesium reacts with other metals (like iron rotors) and will get corrosion without the insulating ring.




In addition, special lugnuts were used that had a tapered seat, and extended shank. The originals (1st picture) were very brittle, and often cracked. Chicane has reproduced the original lugnuts in a stainless steel version (2nd picture below), but they are expensive at $200/set. In addition, some users have tried Gorilla # 68187 lugnuts (3rd picture), and say that they work fine. At only $50/set, it might be worth looking at, but it's up to the end-user to verify that they work correctly!