SCOA How to identify a SALEEN

So what's a Saleen anyway?

A Saleen Mustang is a specially built, improved Mustang, much like the Shelby Mustangs of the 1960's. Saleen has produced fewer cars in 20 years than Shelby did in 6 years.

From www.Saleen.com "The first Saleen street car was ready for sale in 1984. It boasted special aerodynamics, an attractive and highly functional cockpit and a precise handling suspension package. The result was a car built as a limited edition model with individual serial numbers assuring authenticity."

Saleens featured numerous engine performance, suspension, appearance, and interior improvements as compared to a regular Mustang. Content varies somewhat from year-to-year, but generally includes engine options ranging from mild to hand-built supercharged engines. Suspension & handling setup has always been a Saleen forte'. Every year includes distinctive body upgrades as well.

Stop by our Members Gallery for some great examples of Saleens.

Also see SAFE SALEENING below.

                               STOCK MUSTANG                                             SALEEN MUSTANG

For example, here's list of what a 2000 Saleen would have included:


4.6L 2V SOHC Engine - 285hp @ 5100 / 315 ft-lb torque @ 4100

Saleen Power Flash Performance Calibration - Premium Fuel
Saleen / Borla Mufflers and Performance Exhaust System


4.6L 2V SOHC Supercharged Engine - 350hp @5000 / 410 ft-lb torque@3000
Saleen Series II "Roots" Type Supercharger

Saleen Water to Air Intercooler
Saleen Twin Gauge Pod (Boost & Intercooler Temp)

    Saleen Urethane Front Fascia
    Saleen Urethane Side Skirts
    Saleen Urethane Rear Fascia
    Saleen Louvered Side Scoops
    Saleen S281 Rear Wing

Saleen C Pillar (Coupe Only)


    Saleen Variable Rate Front and Rear Springs
    Saleen Front (N2) Struts and Bushings / Rear (N2) Shocks
    Saleen Front Sway Bar and Pivot Bushings

High Performance Wheel Alignment and Tuned Chassis
Saleen Five Spoke Alloy Wheels

Painted 18 x 9" Front and Rear Wheels
Pirelli 255/35ZR18 front / 265/35ZR18 rear


          Chrome 18 x 9" Front and upgrade to 18x10" rear
          Pirelli 265/35ZR18 front / 295/35ZR18 rear

    Saleen 200 MPH Speedo/White Faced Gauges
    Saleen Close Ratio Shifter
    Saleen Momo Leather Shift Knob
    Saleen Performance Driving Pedals
    Saleen Graphics and Identification
    Saleen Championship Wreath
    Saleen Rear Deck Badge
    Saleen Serialized Engine Bay Plaque
    Saleen Serialized Console Plaque
    Saleen Serialized Bumper Number


Always be sure to practice "Safe Saleening" when buying ANY Saleen!

  • Quick check our section WATCH LIST

  • Invest in a copy of "The Saleen Book" BEFORE buying a car!

  • Check for bumper numbers, console plaques, and underhood plate, depending on year, as well as FORD VIN#.

  • Always contact Saleen to verify a vehicle BEFORE buying! You'll need the Saleen ID # and the last 6 digits of the Ford VIN number.

  • To reach Team Saleen call 949-597-4900 or email them at techline@saleen.com or teamsaleen@saleen.com

Buyer beware! If you're thinking about buying a Saleen, there's a couple things you MUST do while shopping. Imitation may be the most sincere form of flattery, but a less than ethical or unknowledgeable seller can be expensive to YOUR wallet! You need to become knowledgeable about your potential purchase or you might get burned! Be sure to check the Saleen Watch List as well.

For the potential Saleen buyer, the VERY first thing to do is purchase a copy of The Saleen Book by Brad Bowling. This is currently "the bible" for Saleens. The back half of the book is a registry listing car numbers, partial VIN's, and original options. A GREAT place to start!

(Click on the book to find out where to purchase)

Once you've read the book, it's time to begin shopping. If you can, deal with a Saleen-specific dealer, like Mark at Performance Autosport. That's NOT to say that he's the only place to look though! You might get lucky locally, on one of the many internet message boards, Autotrader, or even Ebay!

Once you find a car, there's several Saleen features to look for, depending on the year you're looking at. (Hey, you DID purchase and READ the book to know what you're looking for, didn't you?) It all begins at the front bumper. Unfortunately, many replicas have the bumper numbers already added, as they can be found on Ebay for a couple bucks. Get the number anyway, and check it against the Saleen Book. Check for an engine bay plaque and write down all the info it contains as well. Check for a console plaque inside. Do the Saleen numbers on all 3 items match? Does the seller have other documentation, like the window sticker? Take down all this information, and the Ford VIN numbers from the windshield AND door sticker. Check the Ford Vins against each other AND the title!

We highly recommend using the Ford VIN to run a Carfax as well. You never know what skeletons might be hiding in the closet. Yes, it costs a few bucks, but well worth the peace of mind.

Finally, before you pull the trigger, contact Saleen at 1-949-597-3880 or 1-800-888-8945 or email TeamSaleen@Saleen.com . They will need the "Saleen number" from the car as well as the last 6 digits of the Ford VIN. Saleen can use these numbers to verify that you are indeed looking at a "real" Saleen. You can also ask them for a fax copy of the original window sticker, and a "Letter of Authenticity" for your car. The LOA may take several days for processing, but Saleen can verbally verify what you have pretty quickly! DO NOT skip contacting Saleen!!! VERY IMPORTANT!