Team Saleen to host PCH Cruise to Fabulous Fords Forever

This trip is the kick off to a whole new chapter for Saleen enthusiasts.The best way to get the most fun and enjoyment from your Saleen is taking a cruise with other Saleens.

We will start our adventure in beautiful and tranquil Little River, CA at the Little River Inn and enjoy a delicious meet and greet dinner together before we begin our epic drive along the coast. Feel free to explore the area on Tuesday as there really is a LOT to see/do around here! Wednesday we set out for a beautiful driving day along some adventurous hills and curves as we cruise along the rocky ocean road toward San Francisco. Of course a visit to ‘Frisco won’t be complete without a cruise along world famous Lombard Street.

On Thursday we continue to wind our way along the majestic Pacific ocean and take a boat trip to look for ocean wildlife. We will spend a few hours out on the ocean looking for awesome whales, adorable sea otters and sleek, playful seals and sea lions. Then we will end our day at a comfortable beach and boardwalk lodge in Santa Cruz , maybe watching the sunset with a frosty beverage in hand.

Friday, we wake refreshed from a good meal and wonderful company to continue on to Morrow Bay, a spectacular ocean side commumity and home to Morrow Rock, a fantastic backdrop for pictures of your baby. Along the way we will check out some kitschy shopping and with luck we’ll visit with elephant seals.

Our last day together takes us to the Mothership, the place where dreams become attainable, Saleen Automotive in Corona. Meet the genius behind the design and get his signature on your Saleen.*

Sunday we will head over to the Fabulous Fords show at Knotts Berry Farms (seperate registration required – HERE).

We can’t guarantee that you will have the time of your life with us or that you will leave with lifelong friendships but history tells us that the odds are crazy good that one or both will happen. Looking forward to sharing Pacific Coast Highway “Saleens at the Sea” with you.

You are now just a few clicks away from a fantastic Spring vacation. Register HERE!

NOTICE: Saleen Club of America is not affiliated with Team Saleen, Saleen Automotive, Inc or any other corporate entity of Saleen.

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  1. Milkbonek9

    I live in SoCal and would like to meet up at HG Corona on Sat. I am a team Saleen member, at least my Visa bill tells me I am!

    I bought the team jacket and hoodie and received them. But that’s all I have is their a decal or member number? You won’t

    Me. 2007 S-281SC Torch Red less than 8000 miles 07-109… I have had it 3 weeks,,I am still in the pinch me stage.

    Mike Smith. 909 792 5694.

    • Lee Reese

      Mike, Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the Saleen community. We are the Saleen Club of America. If you joined Team Saleen you will need to go to and ask about your membership packet from them as we are not related. Check your Visa bill and see who the charge is from to insure you have right club. I don’t want to mislead you. There are technically three so I want to be sure I’m sending you down the right path.

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