Vaughn Roser name drawn as winner of 97-0013B

On Saturday night July 30, 2016 the last order of business at the SCOA Nationals was to draw the winner of the 1997 Saleen S281 Budget Rental car donated by HESCO in Birmingham, AL. After several minutes of agonizing anticipation while Lee Reese, club president, told the story of how the sponsor donated the car and how much money was raised for charity Rick LeBeau was called to draw the winning ticket. Rick was chosen for this honor because he won the car last year and donated it back to the club to raise more money for the charities. Rick reached into the giant glass jar, stirred his hand around a bit then pulled out a single entry. Lee read the name, Vaughn Roser from New York!

Although Vaughn wasn’t in attendance for the event to feel the excitement first hand, Rick called the phone number on the ticket and left a message. I’m sure it was quite a shock when Vaughn got the message. Turns out he got the message the next day, on his birthday!

Congratulations Vaughn! Enjoy!

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    MY husband was over the moon when he found out that he won!!! Thank You so, much Saleen Club of America!!! We will be picking it up on August 5th frm Rick LeBeau.

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