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Since the company’s inception in 1984, Saleen has produced over 10,000 complete and EPA certified vehicles, more than any other specialty manufacturer. In addition, Saleen has equipped more than 500,000 vehicles worldwide with Saleen products to improve a vehicle’s ability to stop, go, slice-through-the-wind and turn — both corners and heads.

An eight-time Manufacturers’ Champion in GT sports car racing, Saleen’s corporate facilities include research, design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as the Composites and Coating division. Saleen has also opened new manufacturing facilities in Troy, Michigan and in Canada. The company’s line of products and services also includes the Saleen S281 Mustang, the Saleen S281E, Saleen Thunderbird Bonspeed Edition, Saleen N2O Focus, Saleen Competition, Saleen Performance Parts, and Saleen Engineering and Certification Service.

These SCOA TECH pages are intended to help identified some of the parts used in these vehicles and provide information that may not be available elsewhere.

Currently we have information on Productions Numbers, How to identify Ground Effects, Wheels, Shift Knobs, Brakes, Supercharger information, a Watch List of possible ID# problems and WHAT IS a Saleen.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of any information presented herein.

2009 February Mustang RoundupInformation has been gathered from a variety of sources and we extend are thanks and appreciation to those contributors and especially to for sharing the data. Also, Marcus, George, Performance Autosports, Saleen Inc., Stangnet, the members of the Saleen Club of America and SCOA TALK Forum Members

2010. Thanks to Todd Smith for compiling information on Foxbody Saleen intakes

2009. We would also like to thank Greg Wackett for sharing his library and Tim Cronin for his contributions

Use at your own risk! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: The following information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, there were often running changes made which may not be documented, as well as false information provided by well-meaning people. We cannot be responsible for making sure you purchase the correct component or install them correctly. If in doubt about what you need or how to install it, please contact a professional!