On our Forum, you can find an updated section on How To do several things to your Saleen. For example, Change your heater core in your Foxbody, check tire date codes, install stripes and more.

Letters of Authenticity and VIN Verification

The latest contact information for Saleen and SpeedLab.
Phone 714.400.2121
Fax 888.729.4827
parts@saleen.com – general parts questions

Verify Authenticity:

Call a Speedlab Specialist at 951-808-5321

Saleen Headquarters
2735 Wardlow Road
Corona, CA 92882

Fake or real Saleen Body kits

This are to look for:

    84 to 86 are fiberglass parts (air damn, etc..)
    87 to 04 are urethane
    05 to 09 was TPO (Thermoplastic Elastomer Polyolefin)
    10 and up – RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) Basically a multi-stage poly-urethane

*Saleen has never produced “Carbon Fiber” side scoops
*Saleen front and rear bumpers come with black mesh.

Out of date stereo manuals

Kenwood recommends that you contact their authorized source for out-of-print manuals:
Howard W. Sams & Company
5436 W 78th St
P.O. Box 681008
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone order number: 800-428-7267

How To replace 94-98 front fascia Cloth screens

How to instructions with photos, on how to replace the cloth screens in the front fascia of the 94-98 Saleens.

Thanks to yeroc281 on the SCOA Forum.

How To replace door actuator and window motor

How to instructions with photos, on how to replace window motor and door actuator in a Foxbody Mustang.

Thanks to Todd Smith for submitting the information.

Install a Series 1 Saleen SC – MANUAL

Manual includes step by step install instructions from removing to install, includes wiring for gauge pod and pod placement on dash

Service Part Number deciphering (79-98)

Covers Foxbody and all other Ford products. How to decipher part numbers very extensive.
Example: F3ZE-6250-CA (1993 Cobra & Cobra R camshaft)

Thanks to Bob Goodson and friends for compiling this and other information about part numbers.

Date Code deciphering (1950-1999)

deciphers date codes for Ford Motor Company vehicles Thanks to Bob Goodson and friends for compiling this and other information about Ford date Codes. This information is extremely important when replacing with original parts and restoration information.

Tire Date Codes LINK

Determine the age of a tire, information provided from Tire Rack

999 Report from Ford LINK

Includes Build date, factory options an more

Foxbody Heater Core replacement LINK

One of the best articles written so everyone can understand – provided by Latemodel Restorations

Bumper Number placement

These templates help align the bumper numbers for replacement. Thanks to Saleen Performance Vehicles for providing them.
Currently only the 2005-up is available