About Us



The Saleen Club of America was formed in 2003 with a handful of Charter members with a goal in mind to organize a national club with the focus on Saleens. To offer it’s members a venue to share, enjoy, preserve and maintain their Saleen motor vehicle while offering accurate and technical sources for information.

The SCOA is divided into (9) Regions and further divided into states under the direction of State Reps and Regional Directors. Explained on the Regions menu link.




What’s it all about?

Nationals 2010 - Newburgh, NYOur motto sums it up – Fun, Friendship & Saleens –

SCOA members enjoy planned activities nearby, in their state or region on a frequent basis. These events include SCOA Regionals, usually 2-3 day celebrations and gatherings. Many have car shows, cookouts and related activities and you are invited. There are also, one day or evening drives, gatherings for dinner and other great events. In many regions, they also plan companion events with the local Mustang an other Clubs for shows, road ralleys and cruise-ins.

You will also receive (12) monthly issues of the SCOA magazine – PoweRRR, in full color and can’t miss articles. The magazine contains Saleen of the Month, SCOA Regional and National Event coverage along with Saleen Racing information as it is reported.

Membership is open year round, you can join at any time, there is no probation period and you are not obligated to do anything but enjoy yourself and your Saleen.